If you can’t access “BLESS Token User” at BLESS’s website: Download Firefox 50.0 (32 bit) from the Old Firefox Versions directory. Disable auto update. Download JDK (Java SE 8u201 32 bit). You may need to add exception for the site at your java. Search for “Configure Java” at start. Go to Security. Add the token […]

Demo Why I try to compile all the MIT OCW books to a Goodreads list, as there are hundreds of books, I automate this process. Alas, I can automate it, but Goodreads only allow me to add 100 books to list per person. The list in question: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/108086.MIT_Mathematics_syllabus_books. How I use the Python programming language version […]

#include <iostream>  is the preprocessor, it includes the iostream library, the library contains codes that enable us to use functions such as cout. using namespace std  is included so that we do not have to type std::cout , instead of cout. The std::  can be omitted because of this. main  is the name of the first function that will run when we […]

This works on Mac. First install Python 2 and Python 3 in your computer. Then, install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper so that each django project that we create will have different environment from each other, e.g. python version.

Then, make a virtual environment with your desired python version. Use workon and deactivate to work on […]