Routing means when a person enters the URL of your website, be it http://localhost:8000/blog, http://localhost:8000/faq, how will Laravel handle what happens next, which page to show? For Laravel 5.3, the documentation on routing is here. By default, when you run php artisan serve for the first time, Laravel will show you the default Laravel page […]

Disclaimer: For this journey, I am using Windows. According to the documentation, you have to download Composer first. Then run composer global require “laravel/installer” from your command prompt to download laravel. Also press the start button to search for PATH, choose Edit environment variable with your path. Go to the PATH and edit, add ;C:\Users\Shaun […] Programming Language People Wanted To Learn The Most In 2015: Java Python C C++ JavaScript PHP Ruby C# CSS Swift I am not familiar with Java but I know Python, C++, Javascript, PHP, and CSS, although CSS is not a programming language but a style sheet language. But whatever language you use, you operate […]