In one of my computational mathematics class, I was taught how to find roots of non-linear equations using 4 methods, namely, Bisection, False Position, Secant, and Newton method.

These 4 methods requires few iterations to get the roots, this can be done by a computer. So, I made a web app for this.

In the Newton method, I am required to find the derivative of the non-linear equation, so I used the Wolfram Alpha API. You can view the source code here.

By clicking on the links of the link, you can make pie chart and bubble chart using data from your Quora profile. This will create pie and bubble chart according to categories of your Quora answers. Amazing use of Quora API. By checking the source code of this project, I can see that the creator uses the D3.js library to make all the pie and bubble charts, D3.js is a good library for data visualization, I urge you to use it for your projects to make data more appealing.

You can code a web application using the famous Watson AI API from IBM, see the web apps that are made possible by this api

I am addicted to API (Application Programming Interface). API is the way to get information from a source (website) to be used in your web application. An web application is just a website that does extra processing before handing you the page. For example, the recent API that I used is the Wolfram Alpha API. I want to find a way to find a derivative of an equation given the equation, Wolfram Alpha search engine can do that. However, how do you get the answer in a plain text form? You use an API. I used the API to get the derivative of an equation, and proceed to calculate the root of an non-linear equation using Newton Method. My web application can be found here.

When I finished writing my Laravel code, I pushed the codes to the server. I realized all my images dissapeared. I checked the code using inspect element, all the image tag have style “visibility:hidden; display:none”, however, this does not appear in the code I write. Weird, something is adding these styles to my image. I realized that there is a data-cfsrc attibute at the image, so I googled. This is caused by Cloudflare mirage, a service that hides the image when the image is outside of viewport to save bandwidth. Somehow, Cloudflare thought my image are out of the viewport! So, I use JQuery to remove the attributes hiding my image.