I had noticed the photos taken by my camera is getting blurer and blurer, its caused by the camera lens protector. After I removed it, the photos are back to clear. And less deterioration now. So, I can be sure its the protector’s fault. I’m not going to say the brand of the camera protector. […]

I can only find one way, hide it using CSS. Go to wp-content/themes/<your-theme>/functions.php, add the following before the closing ?> :


Demo Why I try to compile all the MIT OCW books to a Goodreads list, as there are hundreds of books, I automate this process. Alas, I can automate it, but Goodreads only allow me to add 100 books to list per person. The list in question: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/108086.MIT_Mathematics_syllabus_books. How I use the Python programming language version […]

Jetpack has an answer for this. This is for self hosted WordPress. First, open your functions.php inside wp-content/themes/your-theme/. Add the following line:

You are done! Every time you want to post a new post, you will see a checkbox. Tick, if you don’t want to email your subscribers of your new post. Edit: As of […]

This works on Mac. First install Python 2 and Python 3 in your computer. Then, install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper so that each django project that we create will have different environment from each other, e.g. python version.

Then, make a virtual environment with your desired python version. Use workon and deactivate to work on […]

Routing means when a person enters the URL of your website, be it http://localhost:8000/blog, http://localhost:8000/faq, how will Laravel handle what happens next, which page to show? For Laravel 5.3, the documentation on routing is here. By default, when you run php artisan serve for the first time, Laravel will show you the default Laravel page […]

Disclaimer: For this journey, I am using Windows. According to the documentation, you have to download Composer first. Then run composer global require “laravel/installer” from your command prompt to download laravel. Also press the start button to search for PATH, choose Edit environment variable with your path. Go to the PATH and edit, add ;C:\Users\Shaun […]