How to disable email notification for new post to followers or subscribers (Jetpack)?

Jetpack has an answer for this. This is for self hosted WordPress.

First, open your functions.php inside wp-content/themes/your-theme/. Add the following line:

You are done!

Every time you want to post a new post, you will see a checkbox. Tick, if you don’t want to email your subscribers of your new post.

Don't send email to subscribers checkbox

Don’t send email to subscribers checkbox

Edit: As of WordPress 5.0 (Dec, 2018), this no longer works. Wait for the issue updates at this Github issue page.

Temporary solution: Go to Jetpack > Settings > Discussion, disable ‘Allow users to subscribe to your posts and comments and receive notifications via email’, publish your post, then enable back. It will not send email for the post.


  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! I was trying to find how to do this all day. People were saying delete subscribers or deactivate the function and I couldn’t figure out how to do either.

  2. I love that I have this information, but my coding wont stick in the editor. Every time I save it it disappears. I swear my blog is determined to email them regardless of what I do. Its like it knows lol…

  3. Thank you for this method, it will be very useful.I have a related question re subscriber notifications, which is too long to post here.Can we contact you directly through email, IM or other?

  4. Thanks for this code dear.
    I want to re-use email followers to send notifications of scheduled post or already published post. Is there any way to do this. Please suggest if any way to do this.
    Thanks in Advance.

  5. Thank you so much for this hint! I always had a bad feeling either not to publish smaller postings and keep smaller news secret or to “spam” my followers… Now everyone is happy!

  6. Thank you. I’m adding a heap of historical information to our community site (eg Committee minutes from 1974) and don’t want to spam the followers with all this stuff. Seems to have worked nicely on my trial run.

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