Upload files faster to your server by uploading a zip file then extract it

I have bought a server at Bluehost, and it is where I host my website and web apps. Whenever I want my project to go live, I will use Filezilla to transfer the files from my computer to Bluehost’s server, however, if your files has many files, Filezilla will loop through each file and upload them one by one, making a mere 20mb file transfer 20 minutes long. However, there is a faster way to upload files to Bluehost’s server or any server. First, you zip up all your files into one something.zip file. Then upload the zip file using Filezilla. Then, navigate to the server’s website, which for my case, is Bluehost, there is file manager. Open it, and find your zip file, then extract it, viola, all your files are there in your server.

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