Summary: Go to the album, click on “Feed view”, then write and post, the post and photos will automatically be added to the album.

Photo guide:

Click on “Photos”.
Click on “Albums”.
Click on the album.
Click on “Feed View”.
Write your post, with photos to add to the album.
Your post is now added to the album.

MQA telah mengiktirafkan program-program di UTMSPACE. Sebelum ini, program-program di UTMSPACE (separuh masa) tidak disenaraikan di laman web MQA. MQA merupakan agensi “mengawal kualiti kursus pengajian di IPTS dengan Bahagian Jaminan Kualiti, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi yang mengendalikan penilaian jaminan kualiti program di IPTA”.


Laman Web MQA

Surat Pengiktirafan Program MQA 2018


Selain itu, boleh semak sendiri di laman web MQA:

I had noticed the photos taken by my camera is getting blurer and blurer, its caused by the camera lens protector. After I removed it, the photos are back to clear. And less deterioration now. So, I can be sure its the protector’s fault.

I’m not going to say the brand of the camera protector. Ironically, the thing that is going to protect my camera from getting scratches caused the trouble.

I can only find one way, hide it using CSS.

Go to wp-content/themes/<your-theme>/functions.php, add the following before the closing ?> :